img2table – Worst abuse of HTML table

img2table converts JPG/PNG into HTML table to render in browser.

Perhaps the only IE6 compatible embed image (But who cares about IE6 nowadays anyway?)
Perfect way to waste disk space, memory and cpu resources!

The PHP implementation:

Result: 252 bytes PNG converted into 18,204 bytes HTML (7223% bigger)

Cool? No… Just a quick idea for fun 😀

Ubuntu 14.04 unmet dependencies when installing Wine

After a hour of trial and error,
I found out that the problem was caused by outdated software source.
Just changed back to “” and dependency error is fixed.
(The broken server is

Be careful when using 3rd party software sources!
You can check if a mirror is up-to-date here.

[BuzzWord拆解系列] 淺談雲端運算 Cloud Computing (上)

近年 IT 界 Buzzword 之最,莫過於 “Cloud” 一詞。

“Cloud Computing” 實際是甚麼,則甚少有人考究。

即使在美國,竟然有 51% 人相信壞天氣會影響雲端運算

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