Block Microsoft’s new stealth Windows 10 upgrade

Save the following text as “block-win10.reg” and double click to run it

or download the file directly:

Reboot after run. Yeah. That SHIT is gone!


[Research] Browser Direct/Slient Print and Local Hardware Access Possible Solutions (2016)

Web App is the big trend since SaaS grow these years.
But local hardware access for browsers is always major headache compared to traditional apps.
Especially direct print, a essential function for any traditional app is always missing piece of Web App.
COM port access is another missing feature, you need it to open drawer from POS, get readings from a digital scale… etc

I have researched and found four major possible directions

  • Tweak browser to support it
  • Enhance existing browser to support it
  • Build a browser that support it
  • Use/Create external service that handle it

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