Apache HTTPS Certificate Purchase and Installation

HTTPS Certificate Purchased from SSLs.com (Should work on other Cert Providers)
Installation on Ubuntu 14.04 / 16.04 + Apache 2.4
With Apache settings to harden SSL settings for better security.

Too lazy to research and type every time so put it here for my own copy-and-paste.

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最近要上深圳工作,發現 OpenVPN、SSH Tunnel、 Tor 都已經陣亡

爬文發現 GFW 已經發展到用 Deep Packet Inspection 檢查到 OpenVPN 和 Tor
連線 Handshake 階段的封包,然後中斷連線
而 SSH Tunnel 會在幾分鐘後疑似被嚴重 QOS, Drop Packet 嚴重得不可用
但最奇怪是 PPTP 可用… 因為可以方便截聽!?

Blog 這一台 Server 應該因為 悼念六四 手機 App 已經被河蟹好久了

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