Shadowsocks Linux Server / Qnap NAS 安裝 (Docker)

Server 端安裝

docker pull oddrationale/docker-shadowsocks
docker run -d -p 1989:1989 oddrationale/docker-shadowsocks -s -p 1989 -k somepassword -m aes-256-cfb

Port 1989 和 somepassword 可自行更改

1. Create Container > Docker Hub 找到 oddrationale/docker-shadowsocks, 按 “Install”
2. 設定


 -s -p 1989 -k somepassword -m aes-256-cfb

Entry Point 保持原有


按 Advanced Setting > Network 加入 Port Forwarding:

Port 1989 / 1989 / TCP

Port 1989 和 somepassword 可自行更改

如有 Router 自行設定 Port Forward

Client 端安裝

下載 Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS Client端:

設定指向Server:Port, Proxy Port = 1080, Password = somepassword
然後點選 ShadowSocks On

Firefox 設定 Proxy = SOCK5, Remote DNS On
IE/Edge/Chrome 使用系統 (IE)設定

然後測試 Google / Youtube 應該可以載入成功

MySQL Percona Galera Cluster with phpMyAdmin export

Galera Cluster have some limitations, for example all tables MUST have primary key.

In recent version, pxc_strict_mode is introduced to avoid unsupported features that can risk your data and server stability

One common trap is that SQL file exported with phpMyAdmin create index AFTER creating the table and inserting data.

During import, there is a transit state that table have no primary key and data need to insert to table, thus trigger the pxc_strict_mode error.

#1105 - Percona-XtraDB-Cluster prohibits use of DML command on a table (database.table) without an explicit primary key with pxc_strict_mode = ENFORCING or MASTER

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