[Windows Bash] Use bash instead of cmd Intellij/Android Studio/WebStorm/PHPStorm

If you love bash & Linux command but forced to use Windows for development, you will love this trick.

The console is colored like on Linux and autocomplete works way better than cmd / PowerShell.

Requirement: Git installed with git-bash

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Change public path in Laravel 5.*

Most shared host use public_html instead of public,
While sometimes considered bad practice, some client may force you to drop-in everything via FTP

There are several ways to change public folder name found on Google.

But most of them won’t work perfectly.

  1. In AppServiceProvider.php, bind ‘path.public’ to IoC container
    Won’t work in console, vendor:publish still publish in public path
  2. In index.php, bind ‘path.public’ to IoC container
    Works in console, but artisan serve still won’t work

After dig down deep in the source code, I found the cause:

The publicPath() method in Illuminate\Foundation\Application
is hardcoded.

But we should never hard the core, so let’s override this method on our own class.

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