Fix Various Apache crashes on Windows

Some random crashes you may face on your Windows development machine.

1. Apache keep crashing every few hundred requests

In Apache error.log:

 AH00428: Parent: child process 6096 exited with status 3221226356 — Restarting.


Apache’s default stack size is too small


Add the following setting to httpd.conf


Alternative Workaround: Use fastcgi instead of Apache module:


2. Apache random stop responding with Internet Explorer


VMWare/VirtualBox network driver do not handle AcceptEx() correctly


Add the following setting to httpd.conf


3. Apache still crashing with status 3221226356

Windows + PHP as Apache module is affected by this and other bugs that cause problems.
Switch to PHP as FCGI setup solve many problems, especially for server running Laravel.

1. Download a “non-thread safe” version of PHP

2. Create C:\Apache\conf\extra\httpd-php7.conf

Edit C:\Apache\conf\httpd.conf, Add

4. Still Crash?

Reinstall a PROPER WAMP stack following this guide.

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