Chrome Direct Print (Silent Print with multiple printer support)

The most challenging (and missing) part of Web-based applications (especially internal systems) is printing.
Browsers do not allow silent printing and users demand it heavily.

Chrome Direct Print” bridge the gap between Printer and Web Apps.

** Currently only support Windows and PDF only **

Source code and technical explanation coming soon.


Chrome Extension:


User Manual:

Web App Usage:

3 Replies to “Chrome Direct Print (Silent Print with multiple printer support)”

  1. Hi There

    We are using Odoo Pos (Python Based) that runs on a chrome web browser with 2 usb printers installed. 1 laser and one thermal slip oPos bixolon 330sp

    On cash sales we print the on the thermal receipt printer (Via posbox which we do not want – we want to connect the thermal printer direct to the windows machine) and on account sales we print 2 copies on the laser printer by downloading a pdf in chrome viewer – we want this to print automatically without the dialog box.

    I tried to use your Silent print extension for Chrome but was anable to get it to work.

    Can we pay you for setting this up for us please . I can provise teamviewer access

    my skype contact details are siddiqueameen


  2. Hello

    I try to use your extension on a prestashop runned website to print invoices automatically. Problem is the PDF are generated on the fly, and are not physically present on server. Your script runs well with pdf on the server but not at all with generated links, would you please contact me to talk if it’s possible to make it works ? Thank you

  3. How about open sourcing this?
    The setup is pretty basic but very powerful! I’d love to contribute to enhance this. I could use it for a project, but some extra features would be very handy!

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